Stress, diet and genetic predisposition are the three main risk factor in the development of anorexia. This is the conclusion of scientists at Columbia University. They conducted an experiment on laboratory mice, but the results are easily transferred to people.

Statistics of anorexia is quite sad. Over the last decade the number of patients with this disease has increased significantly. From 8 to 15% of people with anorexia eventually die from the disease. Among mental disorders is the high mortality rate, says the paper Prothom Alo.

As it turned out, the presence of a single copy gene BDNF determines in mice and humans susceptibility to anxiety and anorexia. Even the probability of illness linked with a reduced calorie diet, constant stress, and social isolation.

A combination of the above factors significantly increases the likelihood of anorexia. At particular risk are teen, summarize the researchers.

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