Scientists have described several previously unknown beneficial properties of olive oil

Olive oil is one of the fundamental components of the so-called Mediterranean diet, the benefits of which I heard literally everyone who has ever attempted to deal with excess weight.

Recent studies have identified previously unknown to science the useful qualities of this unique product. Among other things, became aware of the fact that a small dose of olive oil protects the liver from the negative effects of intake of fatty and high-calorie food.

It becomes possible due to the presence of fresh oil hydroxytyrosol is an all – natural antioxidant that, among other things, actively reduce cholesterol.

In addition, specialists found out that eating olive oil significantly reduces the risk of developing breast cancer and several other cancers, and also protects the body from radiation exposure.

Despite the fact that the experiments were conducted on rodents, scientists claim that the newly discovered properties of olive oil are relevant to humans.

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