Scientists have described how to read thoughts from the centre of taste in the brain

Neuroscientists figured out how to read information from taste buds of the tongue and to transfer them to a computer. Thanks to special software processing, you can even define the taste of the food through the activity of neurons.

The original goal of the scientists was to unraveling the mechanisms of coding of gustatory information, writes Current Biology.

"Very often lead to serious deviations in eating behavior, violations or hedonistic tendencies in the perception of taste, these deviations cause malnutrition or overeating. In our study we wanted to find out what processes in the brain affect the perception of taste. Such data are very important for the development of strategies aimed at correcting dietary habits," says Katherine Cooled (Institute of human nutrition in Germany, Potsdam).

Evaluation of taste occurs in two stages. In the first stage is determined by the "nature" of food and its main qualities: sweet she or bitter, sour or salty. It takes only 170 milliseconds after getting food on the tongue. More complex food quality are defined within one and a half seconds.

For the longest time is determined by sweet food, the fastest salty and bitter. These parameters can be judged and what product people absorb, studying the signals of neurons. Scientists plan a series of studies to determine brain activity during recognition of the taste of food.

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