Scientists have described how to quickly improve memory

Scientists from the University of North Florida found a simple way to improve memory. Enough to engage in certain activities immediately after mental stress. Volunteers for the experiment were asked to memorize a series of numbers. Next, each group dealt with one of the proposed activities. After the subjects had to repeat the numbers in reverse order, writes The Daily Mail.

The first group passed the obstacle course, including barefoot running and overcoming various obstacles. The second group practiced yoga, the third — attended lectures. The duration of training was two hours. In the first group, held an obstacle course, the results were 50% higher than in the other groups.

Obstacle course develops proprioceptive skills, teaches the person to plan their actions in your mind and then apply them in practice. This comes in handy in the process of learning and remembering information, experts say. Similar effects have and other active sports: football, squash and tennis.

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