Scientists have described how to predict human emotions

Scientists-neuroscientists from the laboratory of Dartmouth College found in the human brain, the area responsible for negative emotions. Disgust is characteristic changes. As a result any negative emotion can easily guess, it is enough to possess a minimum of information.

The experiment was attended by 182 people with different character and temperament. They were shown pictures of aggressive scenes, injuries of the human body. Some of the pictures were depicted acts of violence and car accidents. At this time, the brain activity of volunteers was done by MRI.

It turned out if to show negatively stained image, following he, too, will perceive critically. The scientists were even able to create an emotional map. It allows with an accuracy of 93.5% to predict the emotion of the individual. Deviations from established scales will tell physicians about the presence of neurological and mental diseases in the subject.

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