Scientists have described how to determine the risk of problems with mathematics in a child before birth

Scientists from the Medical centre of the free University of Amsterdam conducted a study. They measured the level of thyroxine in the body of pregnant mothers. The indicator was measured at 12 weeks of pregnancy, and in five years scientists have tested more than a thousand children from the group aptitude for mathematics and reading.

Reduced level of thyroxine in the body of the mother affect the child's ability in mathematics. These children are 60% more often than usual could not understand the exact science, writes The Daily Mail. Note, take into account other external factors, but they are, according to scientists, did not affect the results, writes The Daily Mail.

Experts advise in pregnancy to seek the help of doctors specialists. Prescription of thyroxine to patients with its deficiency may save not only the health of women but also to strengthen the body of the unborn baby.

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