Scientists have described how to determine a person's character by his selfie

The craze for selfies photos covered almost the entire globe. The phenomenon started even scientists. They told how the photographs to determine the personality type of the person and even supposing the presence of mental disorders. This writes the newspaper The Independent.

Lin q from Nanyang technological University have analyzed selfie pictures 120 people in China. With all the subjects, the scientist managed to mingle to form an objective impression of the person.

Comparing the photos and the results of the survey scientist came to certain conclusions. People who are not doing selfe or trying not to show where they are, usually, responsible and punctual.

People with a positive nature often recorded on selfie photos with a smile, in a circle of friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Photos with "duck lips", the scientist believes, indicate the presence of mental illness or at least innate unbalance.

Experts do not recommend to accept the results of the study seriously. Not necessarily selfie pictures indicate a mental disorder. However, the presence of hundreds or thousands of photos with itself may induce physicians to certain thoughts.

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