Scientists have described how the dog became the friend of a man

Ancient man first domesticated dog in the late Paleolithic period. Since then, poultry, cattle and other animals. But only the dog has earned the proud title of man's best friend. Scientists from Japan have been able to explain the process of convergence.

The cognitive ability of dogs is quite high. The animal can be taught and execute individual commands, and to cope with all tasks. Amazing ways dogs perceive the flow of information. Cognitive skills of these animals are similar to those in young children.

The main cause of contact between man and dog, according to Japanese scientists, is oxytocin, the "hormone of happiness". After the interaction of the owner and the animal the level of this hormone increased both.

These were installed in the study with the participation of 30 volunteers with dogs. Prolonged eye contact increased the concentration of oxytocin, there was a sense of joy and happiness.

Scientists suggest the use allowed in one of the links in the treatment of autism and post-traumatic stress disorder. While doctors prefer the artificial hormone, but in some cases the use of animals as a natural stimulator of the formation of oxytocin.

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