Scientists have described how the brain works musicians

A group of researchers from Japan proved that while playing a musical instrument person analyzes vast amounts of information of all kinds. To understand the peculiarities of the brain of musicians, scientists conducted the whole study. The results Chronicle writes Decal.

To begin to understand the basic types of activity of the musician. Professional musicians, "read notes." Visual symbols are transformed into certain keys, strings, frets, tonality. Further, the areas of the brain responsible for mechanical movement of committing acts aimed at generating a particular sound. In the same split second, the analysis of sound by the brain. These processes take place in an instant. Almost all the parts of the brain are involved as much.

Professionals are able to memorize complex work in two pages of notes in 20 minutes of practice with a musical instrument. Interestingly, there are many strategies for memorizing music. Someone with more time on reading tablature, others try to accurately remember the sound content of the work.

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