Scientists have described how insomnia affects the organism of children

There are large differences between the body of the child and the adult. Children need more energy, they are in the process of constant growth. If an adult can completely survive a single of sleep or lack of lunch, the children each meal and bedtime is important.

Modern industry offers a range of drinks containing caffeine. No age restrictions on them does not exist. As a result, children can enjoy a sweet coke before going to sleep and give yourself a few hours with my eyes open in bed.

Scientists pay attention: children need to instill a sleep hygiene. Make bedtime a separate ritual is an important task for parents. It is better if the child for an hour before bedtime will not engage in vigorous activity.

Complicating the situation is the situation with gadgets. Many children can't go to sleep until you spend a few hours in bed with your phone or tablet. Experts suggest to replace these funds with a book or transfer the use of digital devices at an earlier time.

For healthy sleep preschoolers required 10-13 hours, and adolescents up to 11 hours. You should take this into account when building routines.

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