Scientists have described a simple method of predicting the life expectancy

Experts in the study of DNA has learned to predict the life expectancy with the help of analysis of chemical reactions in the body throughout life. "Biological clock" can tell a lot, and health status and to predict the date of death.

An important factor affecting the life expectancy is the state of the DNA. More damage is contained in the human genome, the less scientists give a chance for a happy long life. Further study of the influence of genes on lifespan should reveal the secret of the longevity of the planet.

The age of a person is largely determined by its biological age and chemical state of its genome. A special role for methylation. This process does not affect the physical state of the DNA, however, affects the degree of gene expression.

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Scientists have concluded. If the biological age of a person more than his actual age, death must occur before the average. The study involved 5 thousand people, data were collected for 14 years.

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