Scientists have described a simple and accessible way to happiness

How the body produces the hormone of happiness, depends on, whether the person is sleeping during the day or not. According to researchers, people watching in the daytime NAP, happier than others. This is especially important in the winter time, since the reduction in the light of day many will become sleepy and doesn't save even a Cup of refreshing coffee.

About the benefits of daytime sleep is evidenced by the fact that those who are able to sleep in the daytime during the week at least 3 hours (30 minutes each day), the risk of heart attack and stroke was reduced by 37%. Short half-hour "off" increases the body's level of serotonin, positively affecting the overall health of a person. The most suitable for daytime sleep time can be considered as the time from 13.00 until 15.00, but if it is impossible to take a NAP at this time, you can lie down at any other convenient time.

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