Scientists have deciphered the language chimpanzees

British researchers conducted a study in which they were able to decipher the language of chimpanzees. This type of monkeys most evolutionarily close to humans. Data and results of research published in Current Biology.

Previously there was only the assumption that gestures serve primates one way communication. Now this theory has found scientific evidence.

Scientists have found that there are 66 gestures, with which the monkey is able to convey the 19 messages to each other. We used the information gathered during the observation of 4,5 thousand chimpanzees. The researchers recorded the behavior of animals on video and later analyzed.

Let's consider an example. Raised leg in female chimpanzees means that she wants her baby climbed on her back. A simple touch of a paw the other monkeys indicates a desire to scratch her back. To attract the attention of chimpanzees usually chew the leaves.

Scientists suggest elementary sign language animals is a simplified system of facial expressions and gestures of the person. You know, speech is transmitted only a small part of the information. Much depends on the timbre of the voice and the appearance of communication.

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