Scientists have created sperm from skin cells of men

Amazing experience conducted research group of the Institute of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine Stanford University. Using skin cells men, they managed to create sperm. It is quite possible that soon science will be able to completely solve the problem of infertility of men, writes The Daily Mail.

At present the project is at the stage of a single experiment, and talk about the actual infertility treatment is not. However, this step brings scientists one step in developing a panacea against this disease. While all only an experimental model for the development of male germ cells.

In the future the laboratory will be able to grow sperm in an artificial environment, it is quite possible the direct transplantation of sperm in the testes of men.

The urgency of the problem of infertility is very high. According to statistics 10-15% of couples are unable to have a baby. The most common cause is loss of special genes of the Y chromosome of men. The process develops in the late maturation of spermatozoa.

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Using stem cells can diagnose defects in germ cells and prevent them. It is ideal for parents with genetic diseases and predisposition to dangerous diseases.

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