Scientists have created "smart" pad with leak protection

Experts from the University of California was placed in a women's tampon a special device and connected it via Bluetooth to a mobile phone. The result is a "smart" pad, which notifies a woman during her menstrual period on the degree of fullness. As a result, the risk of leakage is reduced significantly, reports The South China Morning Post.

The fullness of a tampon can be tracked through the app my.Flow. However, the system will warn of the potential risks when the volume of the tampon is approaching the maximum possible. The developers believe that their new product will help women to understand the working of the body.

Even my.Flow prevents the so-called toxic shock during menstruation, when one swab is used for too long. If the tampon is not changed 8 hours or more, the system will issue a warning. In the near future, scientists plan to place the swab in diagnostics of bacterial, fungal infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

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