Scientists have created seals, renewing damaged teeth

The real revolution in dentistry was made by scientists from the University of Nottingham. They have created a plastic material with a biological component, restoring the structure of damaged teeth. The result is a seal of new generation. It independently activates the process of turning stem cells into tissues of the tooth. Note, to be restored only pulp, but not the enamel.

The pulp consists of nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels. Now with pulpitis doctors completely remove the inner tissues of the tooth and fill in the defect with a filling material, strengthening the tooth with special pins. A new approach in dentistry can radically change the perception of the interventions on carious teeth. Material with a biological component helps the development of independent factors responsible for the recovery of dentin and pulp.

The creators have already managed to obtain for his development of the second place in the competition for promising technologies Royal society of chemistry. The money, the scientists plan to continue research in a specified direction.

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