Scientists have created nanorobots with the engine in the form of a corkscrew

A group of scientists from Israel and Germany made a revolution in the development of nanorobots. Their invention will effectively deliver tiny doses of drugs for the circulatory system to the designated targets. Nanorobot can easily move through the vessels and to penetrate into the cells.

All of the above is made possible because the specialists defeated the main problem. They managed to create an engine for the robot. The engine has an unusual shape of a corkscrew, which is smaller than that of the erythrocyte person 100 times. The engine performs a circular motion due to a weak magnetic field.

Scientists say before you start technology is still far away. It is necessary to conduct a series of tests in water, hyaluronic acid, to talk about the use of nanorobots in the human blood circulatory system. It is difficult to predict how nanorobot will behave in terms of Brownian motion.

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