Scientists have created losing weight people paw cellulose

Employees of the company Omikenshi has developed noodles from wood. Its main feature – the lack of calories per se. Noodles on 99% consists of cellulose and is not digested in the human intestine. So the original product, experts say, takes place in dietetics. About it tells The Daily Mail.

500 grams of noodles contains just 27 calories in the same amount of wheat noodles – 1500 calories. Now on the market there are noodles made of Konjac, however its taste, many people do not like. Noodles made of cellulose needs to rectify the situation.

To develop their product Omikenshi company plans to spend $ 800,000. Presumably, the noodles made of cellulose will be used as a substitute in pastas, ramen and other dishes with high caloric content.

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