Scientists have created "bacon" algae especially for vegetarians

15 years it took specialists from Regnskog University to create algae with an unusual odor. During heat treatment, they start to smell bacon, and in appearance resemble the usual lettuce, red only. This writes The Telegraph.

These algae used as feed for sea snails. They are very popular in Asian countries they are trained in the best restaurants. The researchers decided that the food itself can be used as a constituent of the human diet. In seaweed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If you compare them with the cabbage, then the algae will be about two times more useful and patelnie.

Nutritionists suggest that you eat foods with algae to suppress hunger. Dried seaweed increase in volume when injected into the stomach that fills it. Thus, they contain almost no calories. The taste of bacon, experts say, will help to diversify the diet of vegetarians.

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