Researchers from the University of Cambridge under the leadership of neuroscientist Madeline Lancaster was created in the laboratory a miniature model of the brain. The head of the group since childhood, dreamed about it, and then, finally, his dream came true.

The brain is the most difficult arranged system in a living organism. Many processes in the nervous system scientists at the moment poorly understood. However, modern techniques allow stem cells to grow any tissue. Neurons are no exception.

Scientists took skin cells, turned them to the state of the stem cells, reprogrammed them. The result is a fabric that is similar in structure to the brain of animals. In the process of cell growth "fed" with vitamins and nutrients.

While the question of the true functioning of the laboratory of the brain is not. It has no blood vessels, it is not able to form emotions and feelings. But the model is transferring momentum from one group of cells to another. Scientists believe that their development will help to better understand the nature of diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

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