Scientists have created an incredibly strong muscles of plastic

Scientists have developed an analogue of human muscles, which can actively be used in surgical pathology. Artificial muscles made of polymer fibers have a high capacity and power to reduce them several times higher than that in normal muscle. Data Texas scientists were published in Science.

During their experiments, the researchers used various synthetic materials, which change their length under the action of current, heat, or other energy sources. Attention was attracted by a conventional fishing line. When the temperature changes it actively expands and contracts. This mimics the muscle man.

Examining the structure of the polymer fibers, the researchers concluded that during the heating of the fishing line is unwound, and during cooling twists. The use of materials obtained in the course of the study, helped to develop an artificial muscle fibers working due to temperature changes.

The strength of the artificial muscles are extremely high. One fiber, only ten times thicker than a human hair that can withstand the weight of 7.25 kg you Can imagine the total capacity of several hundred similar polymer fibers.

The main advantages of design - low cost and durability. In addition, nylon muscles easy to produce. In the future these prototypes will be used in prostheses and exoskeletons, scientists say.

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