Scientists have created a topographic map of the location of fungi in the body

Scientists from the USA have managed to create a topographic map of fungi that live on human skin. According to its creators, the map will help professionals to visually explore the ecosystem of fungi and bacteria on the human body that will enable more effective treatment of skin diseases.

During the creation of maps, the scientists conducted a study of samples of 10 healthy people who were taken from 14 different areas of the body: hands, nails, neck, toe, ear canals, between the fingers, etc. With the help of DNA fragments or, in other words, phylogenetic marker, the experts were able to distinguish these fungi from each other.

After analysis of the researchers came to the conclusion that the place of the human body, which is particularly "rich" on fungi, are the heels. On this part of the foot was discovered more than 80 species of fungi. In second place are the nail plate, which became a favorite habitat of 60 species of fungi, and the areas between the toes was chosen by 40 fungal species.

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Least of all fungi was found on the forearm, the inner side of the elbow and the palm of the hand. Here it was found from 18 to 32 species of fungi. Summarizing the results, the researchers concluded that the presence and number of fungi depends not on man, but on the part of the body.

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