Scientists have created a test to determine the exact date of birth

Soon mothers will be able to know the exact date of birth, according to Researchers from the University of Texas. They found in the amniotic fluid marker that speaks about the imminent delivery, writes The Daily Mail.

As a diagnostic material scientists have used telomeres from amniotic fluid. In the process of fetal development, these genetic sections are shortened. Scientists believe once the length of telomeres decreases to the minimum hand labor.

To prove their theory, the researchers took samples of amniotic fluid of parturient women 50 and 51 pregnant women in the later stages of gestation. Along with this scientists investigated the fetal membranes of the placenta, pre-separating them.

Their study, the researchers were able to answer a number of topical issues, including the question about the causes of preterm birth. As it turned out, one of the determining factors – the length of telomeres. What they are shorter, the higher the probability of delivery.

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