Scientists have created a special device typing on the keyboard for paralyzed people

Scientists from USA have developed a unique device that allows paralyzed people to type text on the keyboard. Special software allows you to connect the brain of a paralyzed person with a computer. Means that reads nerve impulses to the paralyzed man, who displayed as text.

Scientists at Stanford University who developed this innovative product, claimed that this unique device allows you to transfer to your computer and display as text the words of the people suffering from paralysis with very high accuracy and speed. The brain of a paralyzed person is connected with a computer cable in which pulses carrying a particular phrase. Thanks to its specially designed algorithms is the transformation of mental words and phrases in the text on the monitor.

In the final test of the system involved three paralyzed man. Two of them were previously diagnosed with "lateral amyotrophic sclerosis". The third party, the paralysis was caused by a lumbar injury. Each of the participants to the area of the cerebral cortex responsible for motor skills was connected to special electrodes. Received at the computer pulses were transformed into commands to the keyboard on the monitor with the help of specially written algorithms. For that would be using this device to talk to people, spastics need to pass a simple non-time consuming training. The developers believe that the device will allow people with paralysis to communicate with others and thereby make their lives easier.

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