Scientists have created a rapid test for the diagnosis of HIV infection

For 20 minutes anyone can get the information about your HIV status at home. The development of test systems specialists from Imperial College London and DNA Electronics company. For diagnostic procedures that require only a drop of blood and the hand of the computer, writes Reuters.

Preliminary tests showed good to Express test results. The system to determine HIV with 95% accuracy. The average duration of the test took a total of 20.8 minutes. At this stage, the diagnostic system is further development and improvement. Already in the near future, she needs to do for use in the practice of medicine. Especially useful it will be for residents of remote areas and countries with low level of economic development.

Note, the HIV test can now. This requires to come to a special center and to donate a blood sample. The accuracy of determination of the disease in this case reaches almost 100%. Around the world there are more than 36 million people living with HIV. Physicians have in their Arsenal a number of drugs which depress the replication of the virus. However, over the years, HIV can acquire resistance to the drugs. Then require replacement of the drug and the use of more complex regimens.

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