Scientists have created a powerful vaccine against all malarial strains

International group of scientists recently reported that they have developed a powerful vaccine, intended for the treatment of malaria. Experts managed to direct the action of the immune T-cells of protium malarial parasite. This technique gave the opportunity to protect experimental animals from all known malarial strains. None of the existing to date, the vaccine had no such effect.

According to Professor of Griffith University Michael hood, all strains of malaria differ from each other in the first place, their surface molecules that are recognized by antibodies. Earlier vaccines and promote the development of specific antibodies, which is their weakness.

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Malaria parasites live in the blood cells. The main task for the scientists was the destruction of parasites by T-cells within the blood cells. Tested vaccine showed that it is able to protect against all types of the disease caused by different strains. T-cells have begun to recognize and internal proteins, not only the surface molecules of the malaria parasite. This results in the immune response. What's more important, the production of this vaccine is not costly, and this makes it especially valuable in countries with a low level of incomes of the population in which malaria is transmitted.

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