Scientists have created a more secure variant of the antibiotic

The problem of antibiotic treatment is one of the most serious in the field of medicine. None of the bacterial preparation is not able to act solely on pathogenic microorganisms. The dysbacteriosis is one of the complications that may occur after treatment with antibiotics. Moreover, the permanent assignment of these drugs has led to protective reaction of bacteria. Scientists require more energy to find new means to defeat the infection.

On the eve of American scientists said: developed a new generation antibiotic belonging to the group of aminoglycosides. Its main feature is the security of the application and reduction of side effects after taking. Soon the product will arrive on the shelves of pharmacies.

For the development of antibiotic it took a long time. Scientists have conducted a number of experiments involving laboratory animals, trying to prove its safety. Confirmed: the drug causes much less harm to the ribosomes of cells during treatment. In the tissue can function fully.

Scientists have high hopes for the new aminoglycoside. Its use is associated with less damage to the human body, whereas the therapeutic effect remains unchanged.

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