Program CellScope analyzes the video of the blood sample. Upon detection of subtle movements, the app offers to go to the doctor, there is a chance of parasitic infection, writes the BBC.

Scientists have created a mobile app to detect parasites in the blood

If in developed countries the relevance of the program is questionable, it is possible to underestimate its benefits to tropical countries is not worth it. Fastest method will help doctors in the diagnosis of severe parasitic diseases and treatment of diseases from other groups.

In addition to the program, a set equipped with a capsule for blood. A drop of blood is placed in the receiver device connects to the smartphone of the program, automatically this analysis and given the conclusion about the presence or absence of movements in the blood.

CellScope does not provide information on the type of parasite, so to avoid a full medical examination will not be released. The method can become the basis for rapid diagnosis of parasitic diseases in developing countries of Asia and Africa.

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