Scientists have created a gel against orgasmic disorders

Scientists reported the successful test of the drug to enhance orgasm in women, writes The Daily Mail. The development belongs to the company Trimel Pharmaceuticals Corporation and is a nasal gel called "Tefina". Tests proved full safety and efficacy of the drug.

In the gel includes testosterone. By reducing the level of this hormone decreases libido and sex desire. The gel should help women with orgasmic disorders to receive pleasure from sexual intercourse.

The tool was tested on 253 women with orgasmic disorders. Part was received various doses of the drug, the remainder received a placebo. The course lasted 84 days. The study found that when using a gel quantity orgasms increased 2.3 times, while the placebo was given the increased 1.7 times.

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Orgasmic disorder is a fairly common sexually deviation among women. According to statistics, every fifth woman is facing problems in achieving orgasm.

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