Scientists have created a chocolate rejuvenating properties

British scientists came up with a brilliant idea: why does chocolate have to be relatively harmful product, which better? Was eventually developed the world's first chocolate rejuvenating effect, writes Sky News Online.

As a basis have been used for the development of scientists from Cambridge University. When using anti-aging chocolate man wrinkles, reduced the overall level of inflammatory reactions in the body, improves blood flow in the skin.

One tile consists of a 7.5 grams of chocolate (bulari, 72% cocoa). The structure also includes astaxanthin, belonging to the group of anti-inflammatory substances. The same substance contains 300 grams salmon. Developer Lycotec added in chocolate antioxidants and plant extracts to enhance the beneficial effect of chocolate.

According to the developer, the first effect can be noticed after three weeks after the start of drinking chocolate. The study confirms that this Supplement really rejuvenates the body. For the effect you want to eat one chocolate bar a day.

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The company Lycotec will present their product to the next conference Global Food Innovation Summit in March. One party will consist of 21 tiles. Price is not reported.

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