Scientists have confirmed the influence of the smell of the partner on the level of stress in women

To reduce the level of stress a woman enough of the smell of the man she loved. To this conclusion came researchers from the University of British Columbia, analyzed the 96 pairs of volunteers.

According to RIA "Novosti" male participants in the experiment were provided with clean shirts, with the obligatory condition of carrying them during the day without the use of deodorizing or household chemicals.

In addition, the representatives of the stronger sex was not supposed to smoke and eat foods with intense smell and taste. At the expiration of 24 hours the collected shirts are brought to the women participating in the study to evaluate the smell of the clothes of the partner, as well as male strangers. After that, women were subjected to stress testing, stimulirovanie interview at employment and the solution of mathematical problems.

Simultaneously with the passage of the test task, the subjects described their emotional state, and they had taken saliva samples to establish the amount contained in them of cortisol – a stress hormone.

In the experiment, the researchers found significantly less tension and lower cortisol in those participants who smelled the shirts of their partners, compared with women, bonevski clothes of strangers.

The study once again confirmed the millennial laws of evolution that lead to the human fear of strangers. Scientists believe that the cause is stress of women, it was the smell of unfamiliar men.

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