Scientists have confirmed that with age, the frequency of cancer increases

Scientists say: with age, the human body accumulates with their mutations. In addition, violated many metabolic processes, gradually removing the system from a state of physiological norm. All this causes increase in the incidence of cancer. DNA methylation (biological marker of aging) plays a role in this process, writes The Times of India.

Methylation of the group is able to activate or deactivate specific genes that influence the interaction of nuclear material with ribosomes (structures that are responsible for protein synthesis). In the ribosomes cease to synthesize essential nutrients, and the cell fails. Scientists have proven that a high level of methylation is associated with the risk of turning cells into cancer cells, this leads to the initiation of the cancer process.

Note that methylation is a physiological process that occurs with each cell. Old methylation is accelerated, which increases the risk of cancer. Scientists have determined that most zones of methylation is associated with the formation of tumors. However, this process can be slow, if you adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

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