Scientists have confirmed that blueberry extract treats cancer of the cervix

The Deccan Chronicle has published the results of a unique research work of members of the University of Missouri, USA. The researchers examined the cancer cells of the cervix, dividing them into 4 parts. The first part was exposed to radiation therapy. Against the second used only the blueberry extract. The third part was made a complex effect of radiotherapy and blueberry extract. The fourth part was dedicated as a control.

The works was found to decrease the number of cancer cells under the influence of radiation therapeutic effect by 20%, bilberry extract – 25%. The best results showed a combination of methods to ensure the destruction of about 70% of the cells of a cancerous nature.

Doctors explain the ability of blueberries to increase the susceptibility of cancer cells to radiation therapy, its inherent radiosensibility, due to the content of resveratrol and flavonoids. The results of the experiment confirmed the results of the recent studies that showed improvement of effectiveness in the treatment of prostate cancer with the use of resveratrol-rich red grapes.

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