In Britain, women with higher education and challenging work have a complex relationship with alcohol twice as often, writes The Telegraph. Almost 20% of women who graduated from University, neglect the recommendations and regularly plucked with alcohol. Among women without higher education rate is more moderate – 10%.

Scientists have compiled top most drinking countries of Europe

The situation obliges the modern woman to be an equal representative of the society, alcoholism among the successful Brits – the reverse side of this equality. Male model of behavior is not always suitable for women, say scientists. If for the restoration of male power and health of sperm men need 3 months of abstinence from harmful habits, the reproductive ability of women affects every extra gram of alcohol.

However, in the list of European countries, the UK ranks 11th in alcohol consumption. Most alcohol consumed in Estonia, Austria, France, Ireland, Moldova, the Czech Republic and Russia. Doctors call the optimal dose of alcohol in 125 milliliters of wine or half pint of beer. Disregard of the recommendations may impact on health and lead to serious illness. In Belarus in the year accounted for 17.5 liters of alcohol. In Russia this indicator is equal to 15.1 liters, and in Ukraine — 13.9 liters.

Oleg Chestnov, a who expert on chronic diseases and mental health, said that an excess of alcohol increases the risk of developing more than 200 diseases.

Four of the five drinkers live longer if they reduce your alcohol intake to a small glass of wine per week, the study said.

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