Scientists have compiled a list of vegetables that cause tooth decay

Experts in modern medicine different directions unanimously recommended to eat as a lot vegetables. However, dentists are forced to disagree with the General opinion, based on the results of recent studies that have established the negative influence of some vegetable crops on human teeth. As reports the edition "Дни24", with a list of harmful includes: eggplant, zucchini, zucchini, squash, asparagus and bell pepper.

Scientists have discovered that the presence in the diet of the high content of vegetables from the "risk" increases the likelihood of development of diseases of the teeth and gums caused by members of their staff with acids. Doctors recommend that it is reasonable to consume these cultures, and to make regular cleaning of the teeth and mouth after meals with them.

Another hazardous product from the point of view of dentistry was the yogurt. According to experts of the University of Edinburgh, the consumption of yoghurt increases the risk of tooth decay, becoming on a par with candy, chocolate and sweet drinks.

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