Scientists have compiled a list of top countries for older people

Within a large-scale study, researchers ranked countries for comfortable living of pensioners. In the first place was Switzerland. Followed by Norway, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Iceland, Japan, USA and UK. On the 65th place out of 96 Russia is, according to Eurek Alert.

As evaluation criteria the researchers used the level of income in the country, state of health, system of education, "sustainability" of the country. The population of developed countries is aging rapidly. By the year 2050 in 46 countries from the list favourable for pensioners 30% will reach the milestone of 60 years.

Today there is a huge gap between the life expectancy in wealthy countries (Switzerland, Japan) and Africa, other developing countries. If in Japan the average life expectancy is approaching 80 years in Africa 50-60 years is a pretty big term.

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