The consumption of milk, yoghurt before your workout will give your body extra protection and strength for physical activity, writes Xinhua. To need a snack 2 hours before exercising, so that calcium is absorbed into the blood in time. Dairy products can strengthen bones.

Scientists have compiled a list of the products to succeed in the sport

Part of the calcium is lost with sweat, and his reserves need to constantly rebuild. Serious stress can lead to calcium deficiency. This can be avoided if you regularly take milk with fermented milk products. Especially useful curd, the concentration of calcium is very high.

"The study showed that the body more readily uses calcium from the gastrointestinal tract for excretion connections to then than of bones. Therefore, eating a product rich in calcium protects the bones from exhaustion. So will be maintained at a stable level of calcium," says Professor Louise Burke.

While running, the bone is subjected to microtrauma, which leads to increased bone mass. The lack of calcium the bones become brittle, their mineral density is reduced. Three servings of dairy products (muesli with milk, cheese, yogurt) before exercise will help to prevent this effect and to make your exercise more effective.

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