Scientists have compiled a list of the most dangerous places to have sex

Scientists conducted an experiment involving two thousand pairs and identified the TOP 5 most dangerous places to have sex. Thrill seekers, be careful what you wish for. Some of them can end up as an accident.

First place: balconies. In a fit of passion you can inadvertently earn serious injury, prevalences over the fence and fell on the asphalt.

Second place: car. Pretty safe option. The main thing is to put the car on the handbrake and try not to hurt him during sex. Otherwise there is a chance to slide down the slope and make a ridiculous accident.

Third place: sex outdoors. Romantic only in words. Better stock up funds from mosquitoes and ticks. They will not wait until you're finished with love joys, and will immediately begin to attack. About wild animals to forget is not worth it.

Fourth place: the kitchen table. Clear the table before sex all the knives, plates and pans. This will reduce the chance of injury during the process.

Fifth place: sex in public. The desire to share their happiness with strangers usually ends with a misunderstanding on their part, and movies with your participation at special sites.

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