Scientists have compiled a list of substances dangerous for the brain of a child

Experts from the University of southern Denmark and new York medical schools together with scientists from the Harvard school of public health conducted a study and identified the most dangerous substances to the brain of the child with whom he faces almost every day on the stage of fetal development and the first years of life. It is known that the nervous tissue of the child at birth is extremely sensitive to any changes.

The data were published in the journal The Lancet Neurology. The article says that on the mental development of the modern child is one of the main influences provides the use of industrial chemicals. Some problems (autism, dyslexia, a disorder syndrome) associated with this problem. Scientists emphasize: in the last few years, the frequency of occurrence of these diseases has increased dramatically.

The modern list of dangerous chemical substances consists of 12 items, including fluoride in drinking water, magnesium, DDT, tetrachlorethylene.

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However, the American chemistry Council does not consider the published information is correct. Part of the research, based, have a rather shaky Foundation. Manufacturers of chemicals and household tools sure, reasons for panic not, and should not be treated with any chemical substance as a dangerous poison.

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