Experts from Dolinskogo University made the list of foods for maintaining healthy skin. In the first place was the olive oil and fresh olives. They contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acid, holds moisture in the skin. In addition, olives – a real storehouse of antioxidants that reduce inflammation and prolonging the life of cells.

In second place is the watermelon. Lycopene, vitamin C, fiber and plenty of fluids make it useful for skin product. Scientists recommend to drink two to three cups of watermelon juice every week.

The third place of pomegranate seeds. They contribute to the production of collagen needed to maintain skin elasticity. Bones are made almost entirely of fiber, useful for digestion. A healthy digestive system is the guarantee of health of the skin.

The next useful product is spinach with its high concentration of magnesium. Last on the list are a variety of berries from raspberries to blueberries. Their regular consumption can substitute for Immunostimulants.

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