Scientists have answered the question: what causes people to empty the fridge at night

One of the causes of night raids on the refrigerator, according to scientists, is the change in the work of the human brain at this time of day. As a result, certain areas of rastomazhivatsja, and the fridge is rapidly emptying.

At night the worse brain controls the feeling of hunger, and the man himself enjoys not from the taste of food, and from its number, says Brain Imaging and Behavior.

"We often overeat at night due to the fact that the food becomes less palatable, or at least she looks less appetizing at this time of day. It seems that we get less satisfaction from night feedings, because of what we have to eat more to feel satisfied," says Travis Masterson (Brigham young University in Provo).

When measuring brain activity of volunteers in the morning and evening, scientists noticed: nervous system was more collected and active in the morning. In the first hours after waking up, the food seems very tasty. By evening feeding behavior changes, and pleasure is not the taste of food and its quantity.

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