Scientists have advocated a change in the genome unborn children

Experts from the Hinxton Group are sure to interfere with the breakdown of the genome not yet born children. Until the problem is under discussion. Most religions of the world, for example, opposes any interference in human genes. However, scientists believe that this research could provide a powerful impetus to the development of medicine and all Sciences in General. This writes the BBC.

Some modern laboratories now has the technology to change genes. There are molecular scissors that can adjust the genome. At the University of sun Yat-sen had already conducted several studies and has proven to correct errors in DNA in the prenatal stage of development possible. Genetic intervention, scientists believe, will save the world from cystic fibrosis, cancer, diseases of the blood system.

Progress cannot be stopped, the experts in the field of genetics. Sooner or later intervention in the human genome will become commonplace. The industry has enormous potential, it will help millions of mothers give birth to healthy children. However, many efforts to develop the technology required, and how many victims will humanity give in the name of science – open questions that need answering.

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