Scientists have advanced a step closer to the creation of a vaccine against malaria

American scientists shared with reporters publication of Science results for vaccine development against malaria. It is possible that soon the world will get a full remedy against this disease.

Malaria infection, prevention is still no vaccine. In order to prevent disease, you need to take anti-malarial drugs at once when crossing borders epidemic countries. Often there are cases in countries with a tropical climate.

Scientists in the course of the studies found in Tanzania, a group of people protected against malaria. As it turned out, over time their body has developed a strong immunity against malaria. Immune cells synthesize antibodies that combat infectious agent. The next step was a series of experiments with laboratory mice. Scientists have prolactinoamele animals, resulting in they have also formed the immune system. Now we plan to conduct similar tests on volunteers from among the people. There is a high probability of success. Then we will have a full means of immunization against such a serious illness.

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