Scientists have accidentally discovered a effective cure for herpes

Medication for the treatment of diseases of the heart and kidneys helps to cope with the herpes virus. It is about spironolactone. Usually this medicine used as a diuretic, spironolactone, stimulates the removal of fluids from the body, helps with high blood pressure and reduced filtration of urine.

To date, the herpes virus are resistant to a range of drugs designed specifically to treat the symptoms of the disease. In the near future, predict experts, the development of full drug resistance.

An accidental discovery gives the world a new drug against herpes. Together with the influence of the circulatory riverbed spironolactone suppresses one of the phases of Assembly of the virus inside the affected cells. Further reproduction is terminated.

The question now is, how to clean up from the drugs effect on the heart, vessels and kidneys. While the question of the use of spironolactone in the treatment of herpes is not there are safer drugs.

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