Scientists: happiness prolongs life

Happy people have a higher lifespan. This effect is not influenced, nor the level of family income or family status, writes The Daily Mail. Scientists from the University of North Carolina 30 years watched the lives of three thousand volunteers, assessing their level of happiness.

A sufficient level of happiness provides the highest rate of life expectancy, found the researchers. Excessive feeling of happiness and its deficiency lead to increased mortality in the groups. The opportunity to experience happiness in full, apparently, creates the right hormonal balance and helps the body deal with stress. Excess happiness also confuses the rhythms of a person.

Note, not so long ago, scientists from Australia found: people most happy in childhood and adolescence. With 15 to 20 years, the level of happiness plummets, and then gradually decreases. At age 50 life satisfaction reaches a minimum, then the sense of pleasure of life again.

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