Scientists: "happiness hormone" helps in the treatment of anorexia

The study involved 64 girls, 31 the girl was suffering from anorexia, the rest were completely healthy. During observations and experiments have proven that oxytocin, the hormone of happiness", can have a positive therapeutic effect in the treatment of anorexia.

During the different treatment group received capsules containing oxytocin or a placebo. Next, the girls were shown pictures of food and girls with healthy forms. Receiving oxytocin, the scientists write, reduced the level of attention to fatty foods and fullness. Girls with high levels of the hormone are significantly less focused on these things.

The second stage consisted in the following: the girls showed pictures-illustrations of different emotions. It turned out that oxytocin reduces stress and anxiety from the negative factors affecting the person.

The results allow scientists to recommend the admission of oxytocin in the treatment of anorexia. This disease is associated with loss of appetite and rapid weight loss. Pathology is psihonevroticheskih nature and may lead to serious consequences on the part of all organs and systems. Of course, the disease should be treated comprehensively, using all means possible. Use only oxytocin does not preclude rapid relapse.

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