Scientists: half the world's population by 2050 will be short-sighted

Only after 30-40 years myopia will become the absolute norm for humans, according to scientists from the University of New South Wales. They estimate that by 2050 the disease will be every second inhabitant of the planet. Myopia, according to the assumptions, will result in complete blindness about 20% of patients people.

Experts analyzed data on the diagnosis of myopia among residents of large cities, settlements and villages. At the beginning of the 21st century myopia was approximately 30% of the population of the planet. Now the figure is much higher. By 2050, scientists believe, myopia will affect 49,8% of the inhabitants of the Earth. Nearly one billion people will have a severe form of the disease, bordering on complete blindness.

The main causes of myopia – urbanisation and new technologies. To maintain eye health you need to give them a rest and try spending less time behind computers, telephones and books. If avoiding hours of contact is impossible, should adhere to simple rules: work in good light and to take short breaks every 20-30 minutes.

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