Scientists: hair grows faster in the morning

Scientists from Japan in the process of research for scientific purposes violated the biorhythms of volunteers and watched the changing of the daily routine affects hair growth. Interesting data, worthy of scientific publications.

Of course, interested scientists, not so much the behavior of the hair follicles, depending on the time of day, how the relationship of this factor with diseases of the nervous system, mainly with insomnia.

As it turned out, cell division has a pronounced dependence on the time of day. The process of mitosis and growth of hair in the morning is slightly faster than in the second half of the day. Note, it is in the process of mitosis the cell damage occurs most frequently.

The experiment conducted on rodents have shown that the dose of gamma radiation in the morning led to the deposition of a large amount of hair. It is believed that the information obtained in this study will help scientists better understand the processes of development of insomnia and other disorders of circadian rhythms.

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