Scientists: growth affects the human intellect

Recent Scottish study of genetics, University of Edinburgh proves that tall people are smarter than undersized. Only the study involved seven thousand men, which scientists have tried to trace the relationship between growth and level of intelligence.

In the result, it was proved that such a relationship exists, although it is not so great. However, small differences are noteworthy, as they can affect the overall development of the person.

The representative of the Department of genetics and molecular medicine, University of Edinburgh Riccardo Marion said - "We have checked whether there is a correlation between the genetic similarity of DNA and growth. Our results show that tall people, on average, smarter".

It should be noted that previous researchers have conducted similar analysis with pairs of twins. The present study evaluated these indicators, it is not related to links.

Remember: the impact of growth on the level of intelligence is not always evident. It is known that many great discoveries are those of the authors with the highest growth.

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