Scientists grow new knee joints from the cartilage of the nose

Patients with osteoarthritis have gained a chance at a new knee. In this disease is the gradual destruction of cartilage of large joints. Get a new articular surfaces will help modern science and the cartilage cells derived cartilage of the nose. On the results of preliminary trials of the method writes the Daily Mail.

Of the 10 people who agreed to the experiment, 9 for results improved mobility in the joints and significantly increased quality of life. In fact, at the moment in patients with osteoarthritis virtually no ways of treatment. Anti-inflammatory drugs is one of the few pharmacological groups, allowing to reduce the pain while movement.

Now, there is hope for freedom from pain. Scientists take cartilage cells from the nose of the patient and multiply them in the laboratory. Then created a tissue transplant instead of damaged articular surfaces. The whole procedure takes about a month. During this time, you can get enough material for the operation.

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